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After Life

After Life

After life, or life after death has been an enigma since the beginning of time. What happens when we die, where do we go, is there an after life or does everything just stops all of a sudden? Everyone has wondered what the aswer is to these questions. Religions preach about life after death, about heaven and hell. The spiritual world talk about a different kind of continuancy, a universal conscienceness with which we unite after we die.
People who have had a near death experience (NDE) talk about this after life. During their experience they see their dead body from above, they go through a tunnel, meet loved ones or a being of light, they receive a review of the life they lived and of what is to come. All say that the experience is difficult to express, there are no words for the beauty they see and the love they feel during this journey.
In my book I explain this phenomenon of near death experience into detail and combine it with quantum physics.
Quantum physics, the world of the atoms and the even smaller particles of which our entire universe is made of, seems to have many similarities with near death experiences, and in occurence with life after death. Black holes, wormholes and white holes play an important role.
If you wish to learn more about the similarities between quantum physics and near death experiences, and if you want know whether there is an after life, I invite you to read my book. It might open new horizons!

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