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Are People Who Are In Coma And Have Been Declared Brain Death Really Dead?

Are people who are in coma and have been declared brain death really dead?

All aspects of our consciousness are interconnected. Our waking awareness that we experience daily, as well as the awareness that we exist (self-awareness), making observations and having memories. The fact that we can think about what we think, or that we can realize that we dream (in lucid dreams), are other aspects of our personal consciousness. According to psychologist Carl Jung, the “I” is our waking consciousness, and the “self” is a wider aspect around the “I” that includes both the conscious and the unconscious part of the personality. We can receive information from the non-local space (such as memories and knowledge and associative thoughts) with our free will, our attention and our waking awareness. But there are aspects of the personal unconscious that can only be experienced through dreams, meditation or hypnosis, or during a near-death experience or after the actual death. This non-local or collective conscious is limitless and rises above the individual one. It connects people with a world outside of time and space. This consciousness is present at every moment in the present (“now”). Past or future do not exist. There is no beginning nor end. There is no boundary between self and non-self. Everything is connected. Universal consciousness is a boundless unity, an  “eternal now” or a “timeless moment”.

People who have fallen into a coma are in this “eternal now”, in a different dimension, they can hear us but cannot make contact with us; just as we cannot make contact with the other dimensions even though they exist. Our senses are not sufficiently developed to make the connection.

Are people who have been declared in coma and brain death really dead? Or are they in a different dimension and can still return to this earthly life?

Is brain death dead or is this the start of a dying process that can take hours to days? And what happens to consciousness during the dying process?

Is there still a conscious when someone has definitely died and the body is cold?

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