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Review By Dr Penny Sartori

Review by Dr Penny Sartori

This futuristic novel about near-death experiences is set in the year 2036. A team of research scientists have embarked on the Afterlife Project designed to investigate the continuation of consciousness beyond death of the physical body.The future of the research is jeopardised by the controversy it has caused amongst opposing groups.

While a court case ensues the research subjects remain dedicated to seeking answers to their questions and are not deterred by the opposition. Will their journeys close to death satisfy their curiosity and give them the answers they arelooking for and will they be able to complete their research before it is shutdown?

The risk entailed with this kind of research is extreme yet the potential findings could be profound to our understanding of consciousness. This novel is written by someone who has undergone a near-death experience and has direct knowledgeand insight into the subjective experience that occurs. If you’re interested in what happens when we die then this book is for you.

Dr Penny Sartori (author of The Wisdom of Near-Death Experiences)

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