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Zero Point Field – Where The Other Dimension Begins

Zero point field – where the other dimension begins

Our hands, a rock, a tree, they look solid, but if you put them under a microscope you will see that it is just a massive energy vibrating at a very high speed.
Everything that you observe with your physical senses is vibrational interpretation. You hear because your ears translate vibration, you see and feel and smell because of translated vibration. All energy in the universe has a vibration and emits a frequency.
Studies into the Zero point energy field show that even at absolute zero, the coldest temperature possible, where even electrons stop moving, energy can still be measured. This is exactly the point where the other dimension starts: the dimension of the afterlife.

How this works? Read the book “Fractal – Bridge to the other side”, it gives a very plausible explanation based on quantum physics and near-death experiences.

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